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    Do You Need a Flatbed Rental?

    We carry clean, driver- and loader-friendly flatbed rentals to those that need short-term increases of payload capacity without having to pay for a permanent solution. Ralph Smith Co. has a wide selection of trailers to rent for any amount of time you need. 

    Not everything is the same to haul. That’s why a Ralph Smith Co. salesman can match you with the right flatbed and set up a rental period that works for you. Ralph Smith Co. flatbed trailers are maintained with care so you can be sure that whenever you use them, they will perform exactly how you would expect them.

    Why Pick Ralph Smith Co. for Flatbed Rentals?

    We understand that people do not need to buy a completely new trailer, only to use it once and leave it to rust out in the elements. We have flatbed rental trailers available with no long-term contract.

    Customers choose us because of our flexibility. Our different selection of flatbed trailers allows you to pick what you need and the duration you need it.

    If you would like to find out more about Ralph Smith Co.’s selection of flatbed rentals, call our office at (801) 295-8824.