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    High Quality Belly Dump Trailers

    Whether you are hauling gravel for road or parking lots or even hauling grain, Ralph Smith Co. belly dump trailers are the key to successfully haul and dump whatever you need. Our high quality trailers are carefully maintained to work in whatever environment you take them to.

    You should know ahead of time that things like large rocks, cold mix asphalt, and clay are not recommended for belly dump trailers. If you are hoping to haul such materials, our techs at Ralph Smith Co. can easily point you to other trailers that can facilitate any specific need you can think of.

    What Customers Say About Our Belly Dump Trailers

    Customers find our service top notch, and the quality of our trailers is second to none. The Ralph Smith reputation in the Salt Lake Valley has been tested and proven for over 60 years. We don’t sell or rent anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. That’s why our services, trailers, and equipment are being used daily all around North America with confidence.

    If you are looking to haul gravel or would like to find out more about Ralph Smith Co.’s belly dump trailers, call our office at (801) 295-8824.